Catholic Communications Series

Catholic Communications Series

Reviewing, assessing, measuring, evaluating, trying, revising, publishing, perfecting, exploring, dreaming, growing. The world of Catholic Communications is an interesting and complex one. In my capacity as Director of Parish Communications for the Diocese of Jefferson City, I’ve taken up the task to shed insight and share my process on projects in the communications office there.

Please enjoy these links to a series called, the “Better Together Branding Initiative” that seeks to elevate parish brand, provide a consistent and polished visual identity and update digital presence for parishes by building and perfecting user-friendly parish websites.


Parishes who brand together, are ‘Better Together.’


Why quality design is worth the investment


Transforming the Church, one website at a time.


Ashley Wiskirchen

I believe good design can change the world. I've seen it happen, and hope to continue contributing to the world of design in practical ways. I think everyone should have access to well-thought-out informative design solutions to improve themselves, their businesses and their communities.

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