Our 5 Favorite (Free) Design Resources

Series | Be Your Own Marketer | Part I

Our 5 Favorite (Free) Design Resources

Every start-up needs a little help in the beginning. If you’re learning how to be your own marketer, you need some resources to get you started. Here’s a list of our favorite 5.

1. Mockup World

If you’re creating a product from scratch, pitching an idea for packaging, or thinking about branding objects like t-shirts, brochures or business cards, Mockup World has a ton of free resources for you.

Test out advertisements, signs, clothing items and so much more by downloading a mockup file from them and placing your logo. Most files are .psd (Photoshop), but all are free.

Visit Mockup World.

2. Lost + Taken

A go-to of mine from art school – Lost + Taken provides high resolution texture images, fo’ free. It’s pretty hard to find large, high resolution files for free anywhere on the web. (If you’re pulling images off Google right now, please stop!)

You layer these images, change their colors, utilize them however you need to for web designs, print designs — whatever you can think of!

Visit Lost + Taken.

3. Death to the Stock Photo

Enter your email, get a WHOLE lot of great photography for free. When I originally signed up for Death to the Stock Photo (at the urging of a clever, creative friend) they were sending monthly emails with around 10 photos to use. I’ve saved these each month and now have hundreds of great photos to pull from, that are NOT lame and very diverse in subject matter.

They also offer opportunities to fund artist’s projects and get exclusive content from those projects. #ArtistsUnite

Visit Death to Stock.

4. Lost Type Co-op

Like playing around with typography, but have no idea how or where to get some cool typefaces to try out? Lost Type Co-op offers high quality typefaces for a pay-what-you-want cost for personal use. Play with letters to your heart’s content!

If you want to use these typefaces in commercial projects, you can purchase those rights, as well — they are reasonable and just.

Visit Lost Type Co-op.

5. Sprout Social’s Up-To-Date Social Media Sizer

Do you feel like Facebook is always changing something? That’s because it is. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their social media pals are constantly updating to improve user interface and user experiences — but what does that mean when you’re trying to keep up with all these new layouts?

Enter: Sprout’s social media image sizer guide. It’s free, it’s always up-to-date and it will keep you from losing your mind as Facebook enters another update.

Visit Sprout’s Guide.


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I believe good design can change the world. I've seen it happen, and hope to continue contributing to the world of design in practical ways. I think everyone should have access to well-thought-out informative design solutions to improve themselves, their businesses and their communities.

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